A great number of couples went straight to the sex, but we want them that they miss out on a solid level of fun. Foreplay is something that everyone should include in their romantic session if they are looking for memorable sessions.

In this post, we want to tell you about the top 10 foreplay tips for better orgasm below:

  1. Begin with slow kissing

The most amazing thing for turning mood is kissing that should be started slowly. You can use it as a buildup for an awesome orgasm.

  1. Talking about naughty things

While kissing each other, we suggest that you should say naughty things as it will light up your mood and please your mind.

  1. Hand Creativity

There is great power in mutual touch provided by hands. It will only not bring incredible pleasure, but also let you experience many incredible things during the foreplay.

  1. Experimenting with new positions

According to experts, trying something new on the bed can result in making the quality of orgasm better than ever. That’s why we suggest the couples try new positions consistently.

  1. Using Lube

Lube is one of the most underestimated things that the majority of people avoid using. However, the reality is it can make the sexual activity better and amazing, so try to include it in your sessions.

  1. Toys

Adding toys like vibrators can allow couples to have pleasurable foreplay that leads to an amazing orgasm. So, the people believing that sex toys are only made for masturbation need to think again.

  1. Shower together

Imagine both of you are completely naked and hot water suddenly makes you closer. It can create a pathway to kissing and touching genitals.

  1. Massaging

Just like shower, massaging each other’s body is going to help you relax wonderfully. Touch it sensually and slowly massage the private parts with oil.

  1. Wearing erotic undergarments

Another amazing thing you can do is wearing hot undergarments that are going to plug the senses and give you an amazing orgasm.

  1.  Exploring the entire body

Last but not least, touching & kissing each part of your partner’s body is a highly-passionate thing that you can do for having a tremendous orgasm.


 Make your orgasm better and amazing by adding these foreplay ideas in your romantic session. We are pretty assured that your partner is going to love these techniques.